SmokeMonster’s MiSTer Celebrity Telethon: RetroRGB, My Life in Gaming, Rene, Lon.TV, Digital Eclipse, Tinkerplunk, and Teddy!

I hosted a live telethon fundraiser for the open-source MiSTer FPGA Multi-Console Project. We had celebrity guests and talked FPGA dev until the phones stop ringing! Altogether we raised around $1,700 (including the pre-show direct contributions to Alexey, the in-stream Super Chats, the live Streamlabs, and late direct donations).
Featuring Bob: RetroRGB, Lon: Lon.TV, Coury: My Life in Gaming, Stephen Frost: Digital Eclipse, Rene: DB-Electronics, Jacob:, and MiSTer dev Teddy


#mister, #fpga, #core, #telethon