Sinden Light Gun Support Added to PS1d

The team behind the PS1 Digital has just released a new firmware update, with the option to add border support for the Sinden Light Gun; A device that uses a white border around the game image to track where on the screen you’re “shooting”.  This allows light gun games to be used on all TV’s, including flat-panels.  This is great news, as the PS1 has quite a few good light gun games and I’d love to try them on a big, modern TV!

Updating your PS1d is easy and only requires a wifi connection:  See the “in depth look” video below for more info.  Using the Siden Light Gun will require a PS1/PS2 adapter as shown in a demo video posted awhile back:

The Sinden Light Gun has been getting mostly positive reviews.  It’s still a bit laggy and compatibility can be challenging with non-emulation devices, but it’s also a brand new device that still has plenty of time to grow.

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