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SEGA of JAPAN Interview Series

For years we’ve heard the SEGA of America folks tell their version of events regarding the failure of 32X & Saturn and the resulting loss of their position as manufacturer in the console hardware business. SEGA of Japan, on the other hand, has remained fairly quiet about this for a couple of decades. However, in the past few years, SOJ executives have gone on record with their side of the story, and it differs quite a bit from what we’ve all been told for so long…

The fine folks at SEGA-16 & MD Shock have been responsible for unearthing and translating much of this new information over the past several years, and we have them to thank for so many new insights into SEGA’s complicated past. However, despite those articles having been available for a few years now, many folks in the community still seem unaware of these new insights, and it’s possible that this is down to a simple case of ‘TL:DR syndrome…’

In an attempt to help make this information accessible to an even greater audience, SHIRO! has produced a video series, adapting these interviews and business lectures into an audio/visual format that folks can easily digest in about 10 to 15 minutes each:


Original Article:


Original Article:

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