Sega Nomad Triple Bypass Kits

Mobius Strip Tech has just opened pre-orders on his fully customized Sega Triple Bypass board for the Sega Nomad:

These kits bypass the audio, video and headphone audio from the Sega Nomad to give you the best possible signal from the console.  It’s been verified in MDFourier and compatible with both the original and LCDDRV screens.

While the kit is based off the 3BPv2, Mobius has completely customized this and added a ton of his own tweaks, including the new and improved headphone amp!  He also spent some time making sure the installation was as easy as possible, utilizing ribbon cables and custom PCB’s that slide over the working areas.  This kit, combined with an upgraded speaker and an LCD kit will get you the ultimate Sega Nomad!

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