Sega Nomad Triple Bypass Boards Now Available

Mobius Strip Tech is now selling custom Sega Triple Bypass boards for the Sega Nomad handheld!  These kits upgrade the RGB video, as well as the audio from both the headphone jack AND the speaker!!!

When purchasing these kits, you’ll need to specify if you’re leaving in the original Nomad screen, or using an aftermarket composite or RGB screen mod.  Also, due to the way these kits are built, it’s safe to use the MiniDIN output and the LCD screen at the same time!

I had my Nomad modded with this kit last week and I’ve been very impressed with the performance.  If modded correctly, you can even enjoy Sega Master System games, as well as Sega CD games via the Mega SD ROM Cart!!!  Mobius also offers installation services, as well as cap replacement services, should you want someone else handing the install:

Get your kits here:
Installation Service:
Cap Replacement Service:

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