Rany Battikh

Sega Naomi ATX Power Adapter

After being out-of-stock for years, due to parts shortage, ATX-2-Naomi power adapters are once again available for purchase. The adapter is priced at $30 + shipping and can be ordered directly through the Arcade Projects forums.

Order the ATX-2-Naomi power adapter here: https://www.arcade-projects.com/threads/atx-2-naomi-power-adapters.5559/

The ATX-2-Naomi is a high-quality, hand crimped adapter designed to power a full Sega Naomi setup via an ATX power supply. It has 2 VLP plugs on one end and a 24-pin ATX connector on the other. It runs individual wires from each 5v, 12v., 3.3v and ground connections on the ATX connector, ensuring that the Naomi is receiving sufficient power to function safely and correctly.

Released in 1998, the Sega Naomi was among the first arcade systems that adopted the back-then-new JVS (JAMMA Video Standard or sometimes referred to as JAMMA 2) standard. It featured an HD-15 port for video and RCA ports for audio. For power, it used a JST VL which consists of a 6-pin and an 8-pin VLR connectors. You could, however, adapt the Noami to JAMMA setups using a converter kit such as the “Capcom I/O board”. This board interfaces with the Naomi through USB and routes the video, audio, and controls to the JAMMA edge. It also draws voltage from the JAMMA connector to power the system.

Nowadays, acquiring original, fully-working, Naomi JVS-style power supplies and/or converter kits is no easy task. Both products can be pretty expensive in the second-hand market and may require maintenance due to aging components. That’s why the ATX-2-Naomi is a great solution that lets you use high-grade modern PSUs to drive safe current into the the Naomi and its add-ons such as the NetDIMM and DIMM+GD-rom drive.

ATX-2-Naomi stock seems to be plentiful this time; so if you’re looking for a convenient way to power your Naomi setup without breaking the bank, this might be it.

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