Sentinel Supergun Update

Frank posted an update/reveal of new features he’s adding to the Sentinel Supergun, as well as a design change to a higher-quality 4-layer PCB. I was going to leave this as a surprise but what the heck, here’s the new layout. PCBs are being produced as I type and will be shipped to me […]

Sentinel Supergun PCBs

Frank received a batch of components for his Sentinel Superguns:Supergun PCBsVideo hat PCBsSNES Controller AdaptersGenesis Controller AdaptersZIF Programmer for flashing controller adapters And he has some misc new PCBs built:Jamma pass-through boardsPCE RGB ampsSega Master System composite and s-video ampSega Master System switchless 50/60Hz boards This batch of Supergun PCBs were from his original design, […]

Arcade: Sentinel Supergun’s Genesis Controller Adapters Demoed

The upcoming Sentinel Supergun’s accessories will include Genesis & SNES controller adapters. Frank just demoed the Genesis version AKA MD2NEO: “Works with 3 & 6 button pads, automatically detects the connected controller. Pressing START plus A triggers COIN”:   #arcade, #sentinel, #supergun, #genesis

Sentinel Supergun Prototype Announced

A new supergun has just been announced by Frank_fjs called the “Sentinel Supergun”.  There’s still some time before they’ll be available but pricing will be as follows: $70 for just the supergun board without negatron, video hat or any cables. $130 for the Supergun board with: – 4 x PCB feet – Negatron – Video […]

Hori Retro Stick: Opinions Wanted

Controller manufacturer Hori is looking for suggestions on a potential new arcade stick they’ll be selling.  We in the retro gaming community often ask for our voices to be heard and now a company is asking us directly!  Let’s take the time to send them our feedback before the January 31st deadline and I’ll post […]