GBS-C with Multiple Auto-Switching Input Ports

Chipnetics Computing has just launched a kickstarter for multiple versions of a GBS-Control solution, one of which includes an auto-switch.  The products look cool, but I have quite a few reservations about it.  Let’s take a look… The first version of the product they’re selling is something called the “Slipgate”, which is $135 and appears […]

SyncBaby SNES DSUB adapter

There’s a new device for the SNES available that plugs directly into the multi-out and offers an RGBHV output via a DSUB connector.  I’m careful to not use the word VGA though, as it’s still a 15Khz RGB signal and no 480p/VGA conversion is done.  There seems to be an LM1881 “sync stripper” inside, but I’m […]