SD2SNES SA-1 Chip Updates

Redguy, the developer working on SD2SNES SA-1 chip support has posted an update on his progress.  At the moment, it looks like it will probably be doable, however SA-1 + MSU-1 is still up in the air, as there might not be enough room to fit both chips in the FPGA.  When asked about the current status:

– smrpg has been played through to the end.
– kirby super star has several hours on it.
– super mario legacy and the other sa1 smw hacks are playable.
– Most other games boot, but have limited testing.
– A small set of hacks and games don’t work at all.
– All games have bugs.

No word on a beta release, but I’ll post here as soon as it’s available to the public.  Until then, let’s all be thankful of Redguy’s amazing and free contributions to the community!


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