SaturnSwitcher – Final Batch

Will’s Console Mods is selling the “final” batch of 21-pin SaturnSwitcher’s – A device that replaces the Sega Saturn’s internal PSU and also sits between the Fenrir Optical Drive Emulator and the original CDROM drive:  This allows you to retain functionality of the original disc drive, as well as use an ODE.  Sadly, the chips used to make these SaturnSwitcher’s are end of life, so this will be the last batch.  The 20-pin are already sold out, but there’s still a few 21-pin’s left:

Purchase Here:

Tito from Macho Nacho Productions previously reviewed this kit and it seemed to work great – Check out the post and video above for more info.  I like how it only requires two wires to be soldered in…but I really like being able to still play discs, while also having an ODE installed.  Hopefully Will can find replacement chips to continue to make these, but if not, get em while you still can!

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