Saturn Model 2 Replacement Shells In Stock at SaG

Stone Age Gamer now has stock of Yoei’s high quality Model 2 Saturn replacement shells, in both translucent and painted versions:  The translucent versions are available in Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow and Neon Yellow, with painted versions in Gold and Silver for $25 more.

Purchase from Stone Age Gamer Here

As a note, please take a short moment to buy real products from trusted resellers.  While there’s a few other good stores, selling real Yoei shells, there’s sadly some low-quality knockoffs being sold.  They even cloned the box it ships in, the only way to tell it’s real is where you buy it from.  This link goes to SaG, as they currently have stock, but there’s a handful of other great stores around the world that carry them.  Buying the real product from honest stores is the only way to ensure these will continue to get made…otherwise people will loose interest in creating new versions and all we’ll be left with are low-quality copies of whatever’s already out there ;/

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