Rotary Controller for Nuon’s Tempest 3000

Nick Persijn, creator of the amazing Tempest 2K controllers for the Atari Jaguar has just posted a video of a custom rotary controller for the Nuon “console”.  Dubbed the “Yak Twister”, the controller is a custom “arcade stick” style build, using the Nuon controller boards from Lee Olivares.   The stick includes LED lights and outputs via a connection that matches the Nuon’s inputs.

While this is awesome and certainly the best way to play Tempest, I’d like to see rotary controllers tested on other consoles as well.  I’m not putting down the Nuon, but something tells me there were more PlayStation versions of Tempest sold, than Nuon’s…

Nick will make these build-to-order for $250 and the Nuon controller board will eventually be able to purchase separately.

More info here:

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