Revealing the Secrets of Castlevania Symphony of the Night Sound Effects

Have you noticed that the sound effects in the PSP version of Castlevania Symphony of the Night seem a little… off?

I’m not talking about the voice acting or the music, here. The sound effects are supposed to have that echo… that flanger effect to them, and the PSP version of SotN doesn’t quite sound identical to the PlayStation version.

Similar? Kinda. Identical? Not even close.

SynaMax has produced a video that dives into the PlayStation sound engine, explains how the sounds were played back on the system, and demonstrates how the PSP version did not implement them the same way.

You want some hex editing and a demonstration of how to correct the PSP sound effects? You got it.

If you are interested in sound preservation, reverse engineering, or are just a big fan of Symphony of the Night, check it out!

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