RetroFighters Wireless StrikerDC Pre-Orders

Pre-orders are open from now until September 2nd for a wireless version of Retro Fighter’s StrikerDC.  It comes in white, as well as transparent blue and also uses a Hall Effect joystick.  The receiver also acts at the VMU reader, which means it’s not inserted into the controller itself like the originals – Probably not a big deal in most cases, but it’s absolutely worth mentioning.  The price is about $50 and its due to ship this November:

Stone Age Gamer (US):
Rondo (US):
8BitMods (UK):  /

Alex’s originally reviewed the wired version last summer and found it to be mostly good, with the main complaint being the triggers.  Hopefully the Retro Fighter team has improved the design, as well as implemented.  Also, the press release states “2.4 GHz wireless technology (low latency)” and as usual, there’s no measurements or data to prove what the lag is really like.  Here’s all the specs:


  •  No drift Hall Effect analog sticks
  •  2.4 GHz wireless technology (low latency) with 30 foot range
  •  Wireless vibration feedback
  •  VMU wireless dongle
  •  Pressure sensitive analog triggers / digital shoulder buttons
  •  Updateable Firmware
  •  USB-C Charging port
  •  Comfortable and accurate D-pad
  •  Turbo functionality
  •  Comfortable and ergonomic design
  •  Compatible with the original Sega® Dreamcast
  •  Rechargeable battery w/10+ hours of battery life
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