Retro Game Restore SNES Transparent Trim

Retro Game Restore is now selling the SNES controller port and cartridge “trim” pieces that match their purple, clear, or smoke transparent shells and controllers.  At the moment, only the North American Super Nintendo versions are available, not Super Famicom.  As you can see in the short video above, they match perfectly and look incredible.  If you’ve already invested in one of these cases (or plan to), I’d at least consider adding these as an option!  You can order from Rondo Products, or direct from RGR:

SNES Trim:
SNES Transparent Shells:
SNES / SFC Controller:
Main Page:

RGR is now also selling a “smoke black” version of the NES front-loader’s bezel.  In my opinion, this is a welcome option, as while the black looks great, this might be a better match for an all-transparent NES!  If you’d like more examples and links to all the RGR cases, please check out the links and embedded videos below:

Super Famicom w/ SNES cartridge option:
NES Front-Loader:
Famicom Clear Top:
Original Xbox:
Genesis / Mega Drive Shells:
Pre-Order Genesis 2 Shell:
PC Engine Clear / Smoke:
PC Engine Controller Clear / Smoke:


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