Rany Battikh

Retro Access 15kHz/31kHz Dreamcast cables

Retro Access just added new Dreamcast SCART and BNC cables to their ever-growing inventory of high-grade RGB cables:

Dreamcast SCART Cable (you can choose cable type from the drop-down)

Dreamcast BNC Cable (choose length and audio connector from the drop-down)

Both versions come equipped with a 15kHz/31kHz switch, neatly fitted on the console’s end plug, for a convenient transition between 480i and 480p modes.

Both cables use a PCB designed by Dan Kunz, aka citrus3000psi, which in 31kHz mode (480p) combines Horizontal and Vertical sync signals to RGBs in a way that’s the most compatible possible.  It also serves as a pass-through for the DC’s unmodified 480i/240p stock signal in the 15kHz mode.

Previously, multiformat PVM and BVM owners would get sync interference on the top of the screen in 480p mode with most RGBs sync combining solutions:

The only solution was to run add an Extron RGB interface in between, to clean up the sync.  Now, with these cables from Retro Access, no other device is needed!  Just connect the SCART or BNC cables to your existing solution and you’ll get a proper image in all resolutions:


HD Retrovision and Retro Gaming Cables have been working on Dreamcast cables for a while now and the Behar Bros are still selling their awesome Dreamcast boxes, which are perfect for people who want both VGA and SCART output from the same solution.