Project Update: Octopus Arcade Fight Stick

TR Fight Stick have recently updated their successfully funded Indiegogo campaign to reflect all the additions and changes since so many stretch goals were met.  They’ve also partnered with Brook Gaming, which allowed them access to Brook’s low-latency controller converters and enabled support for more consoles.  Even though the campaign is over, you can still pre-order one for about $250 and it will arrive this summer.  More details after the link:

Updates & Pre-Order:

While the original draw to this fight stick was the built-in Dreamcast VMU, it’s awesome to see all the other consoles now being supported.  I’m looking forward to eventually lag testing one, but after testing some previous Brook converters, I have high hopes.  Here’s the current list of systems it will support at launch:

● PS1 & PS2
● PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16
● N64 & GameCube
● PS3, PS4, PS5 (fight games)
● Sega Saturn & Dreamcast
● Xbox 360 & Xbox Original
● PC & Steam Deck
● Analogue Pocket via Dock
● Nintendo Switch
● RetroPie + other Raspberry Pi apps
● Neo Geo AES

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