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Prism HD by Retro-Bit

Retro-bit have just announced their own GCVideo-based plug-and-play adapter for the Gamecube, named Prism HD:  https://retrorgb.link/prismhdmi

Just like most of the other current external GCVideo solutions out there, the Prism HD plugs right into the digital port of the DOL-001 Gamecube and outputs native 480p (and/or line doubles 240p and 480i) through a full sized HDMI port. It also comes with its own basic IR remote, allowing the user to easily access and navigate the OSD.

There is one distinct feature however, that sets the Prism HD apart from the competition in terms of usability, that is the inclusion of a USB-C port on its side. Installing firmware updates can now be achieved by simply plugging in a USB cable into a computer, instead of directly wiring a bunch of cables into the device’s PCB and investing in a Jtag programmer.

That being said, upon purchase, the Prism HD will be pre-flashed with the latest GCVideo firmware.

Castlemania Games are now taking pre-orders for the Prism HD, that is supposed to ship in March 2021. The price is set at $80.

It goes without saying that it is highly recommended to use Swiss in conjunction with any GCVideo solution to unlock the latter’s full potential.




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