PixelFX Announces New HDMI Mod Roadmap

PixelFX have just announced their planned roadmap for devices to be released in 2023, which include three variants of each:  The “lite” tier will just provide basic features and both a direct and linedoubled (480p) output.  The second “pro” tier will offer features closer to their rev1 products, like 1080p output and the 3rd “ultimate” tier will be fully-loaded products with up to 1440p output and motion adaptive deinterlacing.  The lite kits will be $99 and more info will be available next month.

PixelFX Website:

I need to come right out and say:  I love this idea.  Getting a true digital-to-digital output from a console that’s either direct 240p or 480p at a $99 price point is awesome.  If people want, they can just use 480p out now, but when the Morph and RT4K are released, you can now have a true digital, HDMI scale of the original signal, using modern scalers.  This completely future-proof’s the installation, as even when 8K scalers are eventually released, these can connect without analog interference and access all new features.

On the flip side, if the only analog video console you’d like to play is the N64 or PS1, then why buy a second scaler?  Either get the 1080p or 1440p version and have an HDMI it that does everything you’d need!

Overall, I think this was an awesome move and hope to see more budget-focused “direct digital” mods available for older consoles.

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