PCE to TG-16 Controller Adapter

Todd from RetroFrog just released a flush-mounted PC Engine to Turbo Grafx-16 controller adapter.  The only difference between the two controllers is the port itself, so there’s no signal conversion required…which means zero chance of lag being added.  If you’re looking for a sleek way to use your PCE controllers or wireless adapters on a TG-16, this seems like a great choice!

Purchase Here:

There’s quite a few other controller adapter solutions out there, but this is the only flush-mount one I’ve seen.  It’s also a great price at under $20, making this a great option to consider.  Some alternatives would be modding a PC Engine Multitap, by replacing the PCE controller cable with a TG-16 one.  Of course, the reverse can be done with a TG-16 Turbo Tap modded with a PCE controller cable.

You can also pick up pigtail converters or extension cables with PCE on one end and TG-16 on the other (or vice versa).  Those work just as well, but that’s entirely up to you – For me personally, it’s all about price, convenience and look I’m going for in my setup.

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