PC-FX ODE Interest Check

Fixel, the developer behind multiple optical drive and IDE emulation hardware has just opened an interest check list for some new PC-FX devices:  Both an internal and external ODE, as well as a memory storage card – And that alone is a product most PC-FX users should be interested in, as the original PC-BMP’s sell for over $100.  If you’re interested, please enter your name in the sheet, however please note these are NOT pre-orders – As with Fixel’s previous products, this is simply a way to gauge how many people are interested and no money is collected:

Interest Check:
Original PC-FX Backup Cart:
PC-FX Consoles:

This 32-bit Japan-only successor to the PC Engine was released in 1994 and has over 60 games available.  It’s a pretty unique piece of gaming history and I imagine most owners of one would want to either replace their dead drive, or simply use an ODE instead, to preserve their current, working drive.  Which is why these choices are so interesting…

Let’s step back and discuss these potential products for a bit – First, the internal option called the iODE is perfect for people with dead CDROM drives.  That’s kind of a no-brainer.

As with Fixel’s “XPort” external ODE for the 3DO, the eODE is the one that’s most appealing to me as it allows use of original hardware use AND optical drive emulation.  I love the idea of preserving the original experience, while also having all the speed and convenience benefits of an ODE.  And if it’s plug and play like the XPort, there’s no “installation” and it can be used with whatever PC-FX you may have lying around.  While I hope enough people show interest in both options, if I had to pick one, it would be the eODE.

…and lastly, as long as the price is right, I think the fxMEM is a product that needs to be made.  With original save cartridges being old and expensive, this seems like a no-brainer.  Also, Fixel says these will ship in a 3D printed case, which hopefully preserves the vibe of the original.

Either way, check out the form above and let Fixel know which you’re interested in!

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