PandaMonium Reviews Quarterback Attack with Mike Ditka

Nick from PandaMonium Reviews just posted his latest Sega Saturn documentary, this time about Quarterback Attack with Mike Ditka.  The first thing I need to say, is you do NOT need to be a football fan to enjoy this documentary.  On the flip side, if you’re a massive football fan like I am, stick with it:  Nick does a brilliant job walking the line between respectful references and making jokes about football (and his lack of knowledge of the sport).  More thoughts below, but first, please consider supporting Nick’s work:

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I think my point above is really the only thing you need to know before starting, but there’s a few other spoiler-free things I’d like to share.  The first is a comment about the game itself:  It’s not great, BUT, it’s far from the worst sports game I’ve ever played and a game I’d call “exciting for it’s time”.  I’d be willing to bet if my young teenage self had a Saturn or 3DO when this game came out, I’d be thrilled to have an experience that puts you in the point of view of the quarterback.  That said, it’s aged as well as every other FMV game that displayed the name “Tom Zito” in its opening credits…but if you go into this documentary putting it into the context of 1995, I think you’ll have a mostly positive outlook on the game.  You’ll still probably prefer the documentary over the actual game though…

…and the only other thing to mention, is the same point I make about all of Nick’s documentaries:  Don’t let the length discourage you.  Seriously, this isn’t an hour long, rambly YouTube video (you know…like my livestreams ;p) – Think of this the same way you would any well-made documentary.  Except it’s not filled with repeated points and useless crap, just to fill a 3-part series.

I’m looking at you Netflix.  You know what you’re doing.

Anyway, if you’d like to hear more about Nick, his background and the story behind these documentaries, check out the interview we did awhile back:

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