Saturn MiSTer Core Progress Update: Game Footage

Sergey Dvodnenko, aka srg320 has just posted a progress update, showing a MiSTer core running a Sega Saturn game.  To be clear:  THIS IS STILL AN EARLY BETA WITH NO PUBLIC RELEASE*!!!  I still wanted to share it with everyone, as it’s exciting to see how far the team has gotten!  Also, there’s no word […]

2-Player GB/GBC/GBA Custom Cores for MiSTer

FPGA developer Robert Peip aka FPGAzumSpass has been working on 2-player MiSTer cores for the Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance, that allow two players to play at the same time, using the same MiSTer.  Please check out the details below the links for more information and instructions: Support Robert’s work: GBC […]

MiSTer CPS2 “Public Beta” Core Released

Jotego has just released a “public beta” core for the Capcom Play System 2 on the MiSTer FPGA project.  Anyone can try this core, simply by downloading it from github, manually installing it on their MiSTer’s MicroSD card and loading the roms in the corresponding folders.  You can also get it by enabling Jotego’s beta […]

Beware Of MiSTer SCART Cables!

Sorry for the scary title – This post is mostly just an educational piece with links to what you need, however there is a real risk of damaging SCART equipment if you use the wrong cable!!!  If you’re looking to connect your MiSTer to a SCART device, I recommend either a properly built cable, or an adapter.  […]

MiSTer FPGA ‘Stage Events’ Launched

The MiSTer FPGA Discord server has stared hosting the occasional “stage event”, where contributors to the project have podcast-style audio discussions.  So far, there’s been two with each hosted by Artemio Urbina.  They’re currently available on Spotify and on YouTube, however both are audio-only: Spotify: YouTube: MiSTer Discord: The first stage event featured guests […]

NES Savestates Added to MiSTer

Developer Robert Peip has just implemented savestates into the NES core, for the MiSTer FPGA project.  To get this feature, simply update using your favorite script;  Mine is still update_all.  You can also try setting up remote updating, if you’re a fellow IT nerd! To access, simply toggle the MiSTer menu while in game, then […]

Remotely Update MiSTer via SSH

As more people are integrating their MiSTer setups into a CRT-based arcade machine, one small concern is popping up:  The potential for burn-in as the machine is left on during the update process.  This is a tiny concern and only one that’s relevant after continuous use, but since CRT’s are long out of production, anything you […]

MiSTer Super Game Boy Borders

It looks like paulb-nl has just added the ability to load custom Super Game Boy borders, when using MiSTer’s Game Boy core.  This feature is now merged with the main project and running your favorite update script should automatically install it;  I’ve been using ‘update_all’ these days.  After updating, create a “SGB Borders” folder in […]

Atari Lynx MiSTer Core

Developer Robert Peip has just released his FPGA core for the Atari Lynx handheld console.  This core is merged with the main project and running your favorite update script should automatically install it;  I’ve been using ‘update_all’ these days.  After updating, simply copy your games to the Atari Lynx folder and start playing! update_all script: […]