Analogue Pocket P-Wing Grip

Blueshell3D is now selling “grips” for the Analogue pocket.  The price is about $35 plus shipping and they’re in-stock now.  Grips are subjective, but if you’ve preferred them in the past, these are worth checking out!: Purchase here: I can’t ever remember using grips on handheld consoles until after I started RetroRGB;  I didn’t have […]


Weekly Roundup #333

Here’s this week’s roundup, sponsored by JLCPCB! Spend only $2 for 5pcs 1-4 layer PCBs ; PCBA from $0: The Roundup is available as a video and on all audio-only podcast services, such as iTunes, Google, Stitcher, Spotify, Amazon Music and direct-download: If you enjoy these videos, please consider supporting this channel via monthly […]


Everdrive GB x7 – Analogue Pocket Fix

Krikzz has just released a new firmware for the Everdrive GB x7 ROM cart, that adds a toggle for Analogue Pocket compatibility.  Basically, if your EDGBx7 is having compatibility issues with your Pocket, load this firmware and toggle the option.  If your ROM Cart is working fine, you can probably skip this one: Purchase an […]


Mega Everdrive Pro Firmware Update v4.18

Krikzz has just released a new firmware for the MEDPro that fixes some SMS FM sound issues, adds some more savestate functionality and cleans up the system folder.  As usual, Krikzz recommends backing up the “MEGA” folder on your MicroSD before upgrading, in case you need to revert back.  More info below the links: Purchase […]


MiSTer FPGA News – Mac II core, PCXT, New Arcade Cores & More

SD Card Migration Utility There is a new utility for SD Cards developed by Natrox on the MiSTerFPGA forums. This utility will allow you to migrate a current SD Card to another one. It even works with an SD card that’s a smaller size. Forum post : GitHub :   JAMMA HIMITSU Prototype PCB’s of […]


2nd Run Of Clear Genesis Shells

Retro Game Restore just announced they’ll be doing another production run of clear and smoke clear Genesis shells.  I absolutely loved these and did multiple livestreams showing both the pre-production and final units.  If you have a broken Model 1 Genesis / Mega Drive shell, absolutely consider these…as well as the other awesome shells RGR […]