PS3 & Vita Stores To Remain Open

Sony has just officially announced that after the public backlash regarding the closure of their online stores, they’ve reversed their decision:  While the PSP store will still close on July 2nd of this year as planned, they’ll be keeping both the PS3 and PS Vita stores open.  No specific end date was mentioned, but I get […]

Rany Battikh

Playstation 1 In-Game reset mod

Will Gentry from Will’s Console Modifications just released a board that adds in-game reset functionality to the original Playstation. Based on the open-source project started by pyroesp in 2019, Will’s board provides the ability to reset the system itself or the launched game through different button combinations. But unlike the original design, which involves soldering […]


Playing AM2r on a Raspberry Pi Is Easier Than Ever!

The excellent, fan-created Metroid II remake “AM2r” is now available as part of the TwisterOS Raspberry Pi operating system.  While this was possible before, there’s one huge difference:  The previous version of AM2r on a RPi was 86 Windows build, running via box86+WINE.  This is an x86 Linux build, running only via box86, which should improve […]


JagCD Beta Release for GameDrive

Saint from RetroHQ has just released the latest firmware for his Atari Jaguar Game Drive.  This version adds preliminary support for Jaguar CD images, however they need to be converted and loaded in the proper order.  Please see below for more info: Download the firmware here (bottom of page): Jaguar GameDrive US Seller: GameDrive […]


XboxHD+ Xbox HDMI Expansion Adds Scaling and New Features

Dustin from MakeMHz posted a blog update announcing updates to the original XboxHD, as well as the launch of an upcoming expanded version called XboxHD+ with a list of features aiming to fully modernize the original Xbox’s video output. Incredibly, the new features being added to the + model will also be applicable to the […]

Rany Battikh

MechaPwn exploit for PS2

A month after the Playstation 2’s Mechanics-controller, aka Mechacon, ROM has been successfully dumped, developer Triszka Balázs has released a follow-up exploit named MechaPwn (pronounced Mecha-pone) that aims at defeating one of the last security barriers of the PS2. For the uninitiated, the Mechacon is an IC chip found on all Playstation 2 board revisions […]


RetroFrog Neo Geo AES “Feet” Replacements

Todd Gill has recently listed rubber replacement “feet” for Neo Geo AES consoles and control sticks.  I wanted to check them out to see how they compared to the original.  Yes, this is a review…of rubber feet. One set of four is $4 + shipping: The AES stick and console, both had soft “feet” […]