Mega Everdrive Pro Review

Here’s a review of the Mega Everdrive Pro;  Krikzz’ latest addition to his line of Genesis Everdrive products that offers support for loading Sega CD games!  I also compared it to the only other ROM cart that can load SCD games, the Mega SD. This review features an MDFourier audio analysis overview from Artemio, the […]

Vanessa (Vanessaira)

Satoru Iwata’s VIC20 Easter Egg Code Restored

Vintage/Retro Computer and video game programmer Robin Harbron, aka 8-Bit Show and Tell recently did a video on his YouTube channel covering the late great Satoru Iwata.  In his video Mr. Harbron detailed a brief history behind one of Mr. Iwata’s first coded/published video games at HAL Laboratories, Star Battle for the Commodore VIC20 8-bit  […]


Mega Everdrive Pro Firmware Update

Krikzz has just released an updated firmware for the Mega Everdrive Pro.  This update fixes compatibility issues with the redump pack, that would previously not allow you to load games with multiple bin’s in the folder.  In my opinion, this was a crucial requirement, as without it, some games would require manual patching, rather than […]

Alex Mitchell

FXPAK SuperGameBoy Improvements Continue

Even after continued support for the better part of a decade, significant new features are still being implemented on the FXPAK (nee, SD2SNES) series of Super Nintendo flash carts. In the last few weeks alone we have seen save states, Super Game Boy simulation, and now robust support for MSU-1 mods that enable CD-quality soundtracks […]

Alex Mitchell

citrus3000psi Releases PS1Digital Install Video

Retro developer Dan Kunz (a.k.a. citrus3000psi) released an installation video this week for the PS1Digital, showcasing what looks to be a completed board design. The PS1Digital is a modification from citrus300psi and chriz2600 that that adds HDMI output to certain models of the original Playstation, in addition to some mod-chip and wireless networking capabilities. While a […]


MODE Firmware v1.01r4 Released

Terraonion has just released a firmware update to the MODE;  Their Saturn / Dreamcast ODE.  This update focuses on bugfixes and compatibility with Sega Saturn consoles.  Future updates should include some new features as well. Here’s the full list of changes: Fix CDDA noises in some Saturn models Fix unreliable data transfer (causing failure to […]


GBAz Case Available on Thingiverse

Woozle has just posted the design files for the official Game Boy Advance Consolizer on thingiverse.  There’s also an SVG file available for people who want to order the plexi case on If you prefer an entirely 3D printed design, you can print this lid in place of the plexi, designed by Marcus […]