100 Darksoft Neo Geo AES Multi Carts Pre-Orders Coming Soon

Darksoft announced that a batch of 100 of their much anticipated Neo Geo AES multi-carts will be available for pre-order soon. The AES Multi will have all the features of their MVS kit, with ultra-fast loading and all of the bells and whistles. The Darksoft MVS & AES carts will be getting a complete overhaul […]


Wii Dual (HDMI & RGB) Pre-Orders Open

Dan aka Citrus3000psi has once again opened pre-orders for Wii Dual kits.  These kits offer a true digital-to-digital, lag-free HDMI solution for your Original Wii.  These kits allow the highest quality video from a Wii that surpasses even the video output from a Wii U’s HDMI port!  Check out the full review video below and for more […]


Rtings OLED Burn-In Tests

Rtings has just posted the current results of their OLED burn-in tests.  Their findings mimic what myself and most other OLED owners have always said:  Short-term image retention can be annoying, but as long as your content varies, burn-in shouldn’t be an issue.  They did find that bright content played non-stop will cause permanent burn-in damage, […]


3 ‘Lost and Found’ Games Shown by Jenovi, Piko’s Jim Powers Still Missing

Jenovi’s Retro Impressions just posted a video highlighting three games that were never released, but eventually leaked to the public.  The first game, Penn and Teller’s Smoke and Mirror’s is a SegaCD game many of us have already been able to try.  There’s a Steven Seagal game I’d never seen before (and was glad I […]