Rany Battikh

Next Gen Dreamcast controller by Retro Fighters

Shortly after the announcement of the BrawlerGen 2-in-1 controller, Retro Fighters just launched a kickstarter campaign to fund their newest project: the “Next Gen Dreamcast controller“. Following the same path as the critically praised “Brawler 64”, this new Dreamcast controller boasts modern features, besides its overall ergonomic design, such as an updated analog stick (similar […]


Axiom Verge Free on Epic Games until the 21st

One of the best modern Metroidvania’s…and one of my favorite games is now being offered for free on Epic Games: I’ve played through this game both on the Switch and the Wii U and thoroughly enjoyed everything about it!  In my onion, this is a “must-play” for any Metroidvania fan…and now with it free, there’s no […]


N64 Controller Stick Replacement

A few weeks ago, I pulled out my (day one) N64 controller and after many years of use as well as being stored poorly it was suffering the dreaded “saggy stick syndrome”. After deciding to restore the controller, I looked into replacement sticks. After doing some research I found that these sticks fall into two […]


BennVenn Teases Game Gear and Lynx Screen Replacements

Just after announcing his backlit GBC screen replacement, BennVenn just announced he’s working on screen replacements for the GameGear and Lynx as well.  There’s no other details at the moment, but if they’re pixel-perfect or integer-scaled, I’m completely on board!   Coming soon! GameGear and Lynx LCD replacement kits. Posted by BennVenn on Tuesday, February 5, […]