MiSTer Remote App now on iOS

Developer Callan Barrett aka Wizzo has just released an iOS version of his “Wizzo Remote” app.  This, along with the Remote script on the MiSTer itself can allow full control of the MiSTer via any local web browser…and now app via iOS or Android.  The apps, as well as the Remote script are completely free, but please consider supporting Wizzo on Patreon, to keep development like this going!

iOS App Store:
Google Play Store:
More Info:

A few things to note.  First, the Remote script can be installed by enabling the Wizzo scripts in update_all, then running the “remote” script that will appear.  Yup, it’s that easy.  There’s really no excuse not to get it.

Next, this all runs with zero performance loss to your MiSTer.  Since apps like this run on the ARM CPU and not the FPGA itself, performance of the cores isn’t affected in any way.  This is one of the rare scenarios where you gain lots at the cost of nothing.

Lastly, when I tested it on my iPhone, I entered the hostname and had to pause;  I named my Retro Castle MiSTer “castle”, so my local name would be “castle.local”.  After typing this into my phone, it took a few seconds before “save” was able to be pressed.  That’s because the app scans the target and confirms it’s there before saving, to ensure you’re actually connected before using the controls.  So, just be patient – Enter the local address or hostname and wait a few seconds.  Then hit save.

If you’d like to hear more from Wizzo, check out the interview we did last year.  Basically, search any app for “RetroRGB Wizzo”, or just watch the YouTube video below:

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