SNES US/JP 3D Printed Cartridge Tray Adapter

Gary from RoXolid Productions is now selling a 3D-printed kit that allows Japanese Super Famicom games to fit inside North American Super Nintendo consoles.  While you could just take the the top off, use a Game Genie, or (gasp!) cut the original plastic, this is a much more elegant option.  Please note that it will not magically allow you to play 50Hz PAL games on NTSC consoles – This is strictly something that allows a #nocutmod for JP games on US consoles.  The price starts at $22 and there’s multiple colors to choose from:


Its my opinion that if you want to play SFC carts on your SNES, you need something like this.  I get so annoyed when I see people just snip the tabs in their original consoles – Why destroy original plastic when there’s alternatives available?  Sure, its your console and you can do what you’d like with it, but all you need to install this is a regular screwdriver and a SNES-bit screwdriver…cheap tools you should absolutely own if you’re a retro gamer.  Here’s affiliate links to cheap screwdriver kits that are all you need for classic Nintendo and Sega consoles:

Kit #1:
Kit #2:

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