MiSTer FPGA News & Updates – New Cores, NES Mappers, Help System and more

Jotego Updates

Get ready for some button mashing because Jotego has released a beta core for Hyper Sports to his Patreon subscribers. Developed by Konami, Hyper Sports was an Olympic sports arcade game from 1984. Players would compete in different events like swimming, Skeet shooting, archery and more. Jotego also fixed a bug in Forgotten Worlds that was causing issues with the background star field.

New Terra Cresta Alpha Core

An alpha core for the arcade game Terra Cresta has been made available and written by Darren_O on twitter. The core can be downloaded from a link in the announcement tweet. Terra Cresta is a vertically scrolling shooter developed by Nichibutsu. It is the sequel to the 1980 arcade game Moon Cresta. 


A MiSTer FPGA CRT Guide is being created and in discussion on the official MiSTer FPGA forums. There is a work in progress version available for download that you can take a look at. It currently has info on different methods of plugging in CRT’s and it also has some recommended settings you can try for different cores. Since it’s still a work in progress information can change but eventually the plan is to create a dedicated wiki.

MT32 Pi MIDILink support for MiSTer

Another option for using MT32 Pi on your MiSTer is available. As of version 0.11.2, the MT32Pi project now supports ​​network MIDI via raw UDP socket. This is compatible with MiSTer’s MIDILink and should allow you to use a Raspberry Pi for MT32 music over the network without the need to purchase a Pi Hat for your MiSTer. An MT32-pi hat will give you the best experience but, this is just another option you can use to enjoy MT32 sound with your MiSTer.

New NES Mappers Added

Some new mappers have been added to the NES cores. The new mappers added are mapper 268 and 547. Mapper 268 is used on some unofficial multi-game carts including DataEast All Star Collection, a modern release by Retrobit. Mapper 547 was a mapper developed by Konami which was used in their rare Space School series of titles developed for the education market.

MiSTer Help Menu System

Thanks to AlanSWX, MiSTer has a new help menu system and you can now view help documentation for cores. This documentation will give you info on the core and how to set it up. To access the help files you can either go to the MiSTer System Settings and select the new help option or you can open a core’s system settings and then select the new help option.

Other Miscellaneous MiSTer FPGA Updates

And other cores getting miscellaneous fixes and updates are:

Gameboy, Genesis, MegaCD, NeoGeo, NES, SNES, SMS, TurboGrafx-16/CD
Sinclair QL
Minimig and SAMCoupe
MiSTer Main software