MiSTer FPGA News – Amiga on the Internet, New Arcade Cores & More

Playstation Core

More bugs related to the CD and MDEC have been fixed for the PSX core. Some games affected are:

-The Firemen
-Parasite Eve II
-Ogre Batle limited edition
-Soccer 97

Games working better now thanks to Robert’s timing fixes are:

-WCW vs. The World
-Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX
-Thrasher Skate and Destroy

There are also two technical articles Robert posted on patreon about:

-480i to 480p hack
-Debugging the Destruction Derby 2 Demo


Jet Fighter (Arcade)

JimmyStones has been working on a core for the arcade game Jet Fighter by Atari. He has it to a point where the game runs but there are still bugs that need to be fixed for it to run correctly.


Another CPS3 Board Donated

Jotego has had another CPS3 board donated thanks to mr_CaESar. The board will be disassembled and have it’s parts distributed for different analysis.


Son Son (Arcade)

Mike Simone has ported a core of the arcade game Son Son to MiSTer. This was a 2D platformer developed by Capcom and released in 1984. Update your MiSTer to obtain the core.



The PCXT core’s hard disk drive support will work a lot easier due to the addition of full XTIDE support. There was a complicated process to set up hard drives before, but with this new update it should work similar to AO486’s HDD support.

Also there were new Tandy 1000 graphics modes added.


Exerion (Arcade)

Anton Gale has released the Exerion core. So far it’s not available by updating your MiSTer but you can still download it through the projects GitHub.


Express Raider (Arcade)

Pierco has started to move the Express Raider core from the simulation phase to an actual MiSTer core. The game is running on MiSTer and the next step is to tackle sound.


Amiga Internet Access

User abbub on the MiSTer FPGA forums has gotten the Amiga core working with internet access using a commercial program called Roadshow. This program is a TCP/IP stack for the Amiga that allows you to connect to the Internet and browse network shares. The program costs 25 euros and instructions on how to set it up are on the forum post.


d3fmod Ironclad Plus 1 Year Anniversary

d3fmod is celebrating it’s one year anniversary of it’s Ironclad Plus IO Board. This is an IO Board in a MiniITX formfactor that allows you to have a MiSTer setup on almost any PC case.

They also announced an internal mt32-Pi Internal Hat for the board and has given shipping updates for the 4th batch of boards. A 5th batch is still available for purchase.


MiSTer Multisystem PiCart

The Pi-Cart for the MiSTer Multisystem is now available for sale. This will let you connect a Raspberry Pi for MT32pi support. The team behind the MultiSystem also released the datasheet for the cartridge.

Tropical Angel (arcade)

A new core for the arcade game Tropical Angel has been released. Update your MiSTer now to obtain it.

Mystery Core

Jotego teased next Friday’s core, calling it JTKIWI. Could we be getting The NewZealand Story next?

Other MiSTer FPGA Updates

And other miscellaneous MiSTer fixes and updates are:

Donkey Kong 3