MemCard Pro 1, 2 and GC – Infinite Saves and Region Hacks for PS1, PS2 and GameCube!

If you’ve watched MLiG for at least a couple of years, you’d know that I’m pretty nuts about preserving my save files. I’ve covered backing up saves from cartridges and memory cards in previous episodes, but this time I wanted to take a closer look at the MemCard Pros from 8bitmods in particular because, well, they’re completely awesome.

This is also very timely because the MemCard Pro 2 recently had its 1.0 (now 1.0.1) firmware release and to say this thing exceeded expectations is an understatement. The key feature is thanks to the relatively recent discovery of a history file that the PS2 writes to a memory card, the MemCard Pro 2 can now generate per game memory card files for PS2 and PS1 disc games without needing any sort of mod, hack or homebrew program.

I also cover FreePSXBoot for the PS1, a softmod released back in 2021 that I was completely oblivious to. This will let you generate or use per game memory cards with disc games with a MemCard Pro and PlayStation 1 console! I think that pretty neat – and hopefully you will too!