Vanessa (Vanessaira)

Mega Man X PC DOS Music Overhaul

Mega Man X is a beloved title that is often on many of gamer’s all time favorites list.  The game series as a whole is loved for its action, great platforming, and most of all killer music.  The original version released on the Super Nintendo / Super Famicom was an instant hit, and the power of the Sony designed S-SMP chip really made for a score that was truly able to rock man…

However when it came time to port the game over to the land of Personal Computers.  The team that was responsible for this port was Rozner Labs.  Which had done various ports for Capcom in the past but when it came time to port MMX.  The team regretfully dropped the ball for the music portion.  Anyone who has played this version of MMX is very familiar on how absolutely terrible the music sounds.  That was, until now!

Thanks to Zuon over on the VOGONS forum/community.  Users can now enhance the music capabilities of this game with a complete overhaul to the music files.  Zuon painstakingly went through every MIDI track and converted them into the game readable format XMI.  As well as fixing the music cues so that the MIDI music tracks could repeat and seamlessly be able to flow without pausing.  The results are super effective completely game changing for any fan who wants to play this title on PC.

Instructions for installing this mod are pretty simple.  Zuon has provided the files on their Google Drive as well as links via their YouTube and VOGONS.  So users just need to drop in and replace the existing XMI file with the one provided.  Users will also need to make sure their sound preferences are setup properly by going to the sound.bat file and setting to General MIDI or whichever device or method you are using.  Other options may need to be adjusted if you are using DOSBox and/or real MIDI hardware so do be aware of your overall setup.


A better follow up video demonstrating the various MIDI modules and sound fonts will be coming soon.  This video linked is just a quick example of a few different samples taken.


Zuon’s YouTube Channel –

Zuon’s VOGONS’ Post –