MDFourier Now Available for PCE / TG-16

Artemio’s MDFourier software is now available for PC Engine and TurboGrafx-16 consoles as a Hu Card, CDROM image and SuperCDROM image.  This software allows people to compare two versions of a console’s audio output, while removing all subjective opinions and providing a real, measurable metric.

The Sega Genesis version of the software has been used in the past few months both to archive exactly how the original Genesis was supposed to sound and this has already been implemented in current projects:  The MiSTer team have used it to tweak their Genesis sound core and the Sega Triple Bypass development team has tweaked the upcoming revision of the board to make sure that all Genesis models can output equal sound levels.

Now, we have a way to measure PCE/TG-16 consoles and apply the same testing.  Hopefully this will follow the Genesis’ path and lead to more accurate PCE software and hardware emulation!


Detailed (and awesome) Documentation:
Lexicon Alpha Audio Card:
1ft Shielded 3.5mm Audio Cable:
USB hub that’s powered separately:
1/4″ to 3.5mm adapter (note below):
Audio Recording Software (we suggest 16-bit 48k recordings):

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