Life On Mars: A Genesis Metroidvania

Pre-orders are now open for a brand new “Metroidvania” style adventure game, for the Sega Genesis.  The price came to about $75 after shipping and you have a choice between four styles of covers:  US, Japanese, EU Classic and EU ‘new’.  A free demo of the game is available if you’d like to try it before pre-ordering.  There’s also a trailer above and the first 20 minutes of the game (with intro below):

Pre-Order Here:
Download the demo:

UPDATE:  After this post went live, the creators confirmed the expected ship date is late this year and the game is both funded and pretty much done.  This is great news, since whenever you pre-order a game that might not be finished yet, it’s a bit of a “chicken. & egg scenario”:  If we don’t place our orders right away, will the team have enough funding to make it happen?  But how will we know if we actually want the game until it’s completed and people review the whole thing?  For me personally, it was an easy decision even before the team updated us:  I love the Genesis and Metroidvania’s, so I happily took the risk.  Totally up to you though!


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