Krikzz Everdrive N8 v2.0 RC3 Released (Update: RC7)

Update:  Krikzz is now up to Release Candidate 7:

Krikzz has just updated the v2.0 firmware for the Everdrive N8 to Release Candidate 3.  RC2 had some audio updates and fixed, while RC3 just fixed some things introduced in RC2:

Release Candidate 2:

  • Another FDS audio update
  • Fixes for Incredible Crash Dummies
  • Fixes for lost audio in mapper 26
  • Other minor fixes
  • FDS autoswap blocking function remapped to ‘A’ button

Release Candidate 3:

  • MMC1 repaired
  • System init changes. Prevents random hangs after reset

Release Candidate 4&5:

  • FDS audio tweaks and fixes

Release Candidate 6:

  • 200% volume option included, too high may cause clipping / distortion
  • Minor changes in Acclaim MMC3 clone

Release Candidate 7:

  • MMC3 Fixes



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