Koryuu Production Has Started

Production has started on the previously announced Koryuu converter, targeting an early 2020 target release date:

The Koryuu fills what (in my opinion) is a fairly important need in the retro gaming world:  A Composite and S-Video to component video conversion.  While that might seem odd at first, think about how many RGB monitors or scalers exist without those inputs?  The Koryuu might be a more cost-effective solution to add those inputs to a Sony BVM monitor, as opposed to a new input card.

Also, the most obvious use for the Koryuu is for use with the Open Source Scan Converter; A device that’s regarded as the best retro scaler available today.  Connecting composite and S-Video with the Koryuu via the OSSC’s component video inputs will allow for use of the high-quality low-pass filter the OSSC offers.

The Koryuu’s output can also be routed through a gcompsw, allowing for an auto-switching solution for whatever composite or s-video console you’re looking to route through your setup!  Of course, the Koryuu doesn’t improve a composite video signal to look like a component video signal, this is simply a conversion to allow more inputs to be easily routed through people’s current setups.

Sign up for VGP’s mailing list linked in the post above to be notified as soon as the Koryuu.  Sadly, as it isn’t available for pre-order yet, it won’t be included as part of VGP’s Black Friday sale.

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