‘Koryuu’ Composite & S-Video to Component Converter Announced

Video Game Perfection has just announced the “Koryuu transcoder” – A Composite and S-Video to YPbPr Component converter that’s fully compatible with 240p signals.  This device was designed to work by itself for displays and processors that don’t have composite or s-video inputs, as well as work directly through the OSSC.

Options and features are as follows:

  • Composite and S-Video in, component out
  • 7.5 IRE option
  • PAL 60 Supported
  • Firmware updatable
  • Uses same PSU as OSSC
  • Stylish case looks good next to OSSC
  • Connect composite and S-Video at the same time, no problems
  • Additional features, such as smoothing, to be confirmed

Prototypes are currently being tested, but no word on pricing or availability.  VGP will open a mailing list as soon as more info is available:

Overall, I love that all the “holes” in the retro-gaming video world are finally being filled!  Between this and the RetroTINK2x, composite and S-Video consoles now have some excellent options for both analog and digital displays!  Now we just need some love for the RF port…

For anyone interested, this is a 3D model of the Koryuu:

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