Konami’s QTa Famicom Adapter Found

The YouTube Channel Russian Geek seems to have stumbled upon a rare set of Konami carts for the Famicom that were a combination of a main and sub-cartridge.  The carts were part of a series of games called Space School created for educational use (as well as one other for corporate use).  The carts themselves had previously been found, but without the QTa adapter, they couldn’t be properly dumped.  The limited number of cartridges produced, as well as the fact that they were never made available to the public makes these some of the rarest cartridges ever found!

Luckily, Russian Geek isn’t a greedy hoarder and wants to share these games with the world!  Dumps of the found games are now available here and it’s awesome we get to experience an almost-lost piece of gaming history!:

Education-only cartridges seemed to be a more widespread thing in Japan, as while I remember PC’s and Apple II computers getting software specifically for schools, I don’t remember anything for game consoles.  It wasn’t just Nintendo consoles that had this, as there were educational Sega Master System games for drivings schools, as well as other applications.


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