Interview with SFII Remastered Creator Gabriel Pyron

Smokemonster and I sat down for a discussion with Gabriel Pyron, the creator of many amazing “color restoration” hacks for the Sega Genesis.  Smoke and I are both huge fan’s of Gabriel’s work and have been following him for years.  I was first made aware of his work when I discovered his patch for Out Run that allowed the Genesis version of the game to more closely match the arcade version.  He’s also patched some Genesis exclusives, with his work on Final Fight CD recently being showcased in the amazing DF Retro documentary about the games.

Download all his color restoration patches here:

This interview is also available on YouTube (above), LBRY and Bitchute, as well as for direct MP3 download and whenever major audio podcasts are found:

Gabriel’s latest work is his “remastered” edition of Street Fighter II Special Champion Edition.  He’s been working on this project since 2016, with the goal of making the Genesis port match the arcade version more closely.  Colors in all areas of the game were updated, including title screens, character animations, backgrounds…everything.  The amount of detail put into these restorations is astounding and even the backgrounds were updated with the same painstaking amount of detail as the rest of the game!  Check out some quick examples below (click for full-sized), but definitely watch the YouTube video for a true sense of how much work went into this!:

You can follow Gabriel in the following places:

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