DF Retro: Final Fight – The Definitive Retrospective

John Linneman from Digital Foundry has just posted an excellent documentary on the Final Fight game series.  While I don’t want to give away any spoilers, I definitely had a few thoughts to share.

First, I was really surprised at how respectable the Sega CD version turned out to be.  I was especially happy that John mentioned the amazing work of Gabriel Pyron, who’s color hacks often provide a significantly more accurate look to the arcade version.  If you’re playing via CDr or ODE, I’d always recommend using his Final Fight patch over the original:

I was also happy to see John mention the 3-player hack that was released last year.  Fans of the game might truly appreciate being able to play as Guy, Cody and Haggar at the same time.  This can be played by flashing the ROMs of real arcade hardware, played via emulation and should even be playable on the MiSTer!

Also, I enjoyed Marc’s cameo at the end and completely agree with his thoughts on the Arcade 1Up.  I really wish companies would put more effort into making an accurate reproductions of original arcade games.  While I understand that it’s both impossible and uneconomical to use a CRT, you can still have a great experience on an LCD screen, if it’s set up properly;  It’s not the display that bothers me on those cabinets, it’s everything else.

…oh and the CDi jokes, as well as the use of the phrase “porntastic ponytail” round this video up to be one of my favorites from DF Retro.  Definitely check it out.

Also, Rewind Mike recently posted a video about the history of Beat’em Ups.  If you enjoyed the DF Retro video, maybe follow it with this one, just to enjoy some more brawler awesomeness?:

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