Home Arcade System v5.0

The Home Arcade System (HAS) – widely known as one of the best superguns ever made – is now back in stock and upgraded to version 5.0;  This version should include protection on the audio circuit, as well as all the previous features as well.  The price is $145 plus shipping and it includes the supergun, plexi case and power supply cable.  Kick harnesses and extra accessories can be purchased separately in the store;  You’ll have to supply your own RGB SCART cable and PSU though.  More info below the links:

HAS 5.0:
Recommended PSU’s = 65A85A or 125A:
HAS Manual:

I’d strongly recommend reading through the manual before connecting.  While it should ship with all settings in the safest position (especially sync & audio, as well as RGB video voltage), it’s always good to double check.  Even the best-built supergun can’t compensate for every possible mistake or bad combination, so it’s always good to be safe.  I also think every supergun owner should learn how to test themselves with a cheap scope, but that’s totally up to you.

Also, I suggest checking out the main store as well, since you’ll probably also need a kick harness and maybe some other accessories.  Not everything’s in stock, but skim through and check, just in case.

…and lastly, there’s far too many awesome features of the HAS to highlight in this post.  Definitely read through the main HAS 5.0 page to check out everything it can do – Especially really handy features like auto-fire!

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