Vanessa (Vanessaira)

Helpful Guide Purchasing Cap Kits | RetroTechUSA

Steve of RetroTechUSA recently released a follow up video going over the basics of purchasing capacitors and what Do It Yourselfers (D.I.Y.) should know when buying capacitors.  His previous video covered the process of creating your own “cap” kit list based on the specific manufactures data sheets per CRT models.

However for this video Retro Tech shows how to identify specific electrolytic capacitors as well as breaks down the process of understanding the manufactures data sheets.  Which helps to gives further insight to what each capacitor is capable of performing to limit wise and/or within specification.  Furthermore he went over just how simple the process of buying these capacitors are, understanding the search parameters, and what quality capacitors should be sought when purchasing these “cap” kits.

Steve did a fantastic job simplifying and explaining the whole process of capacitor replacements, and as someone who is getting into basic soldering/vintage tech maintenance.  This video was extremely helpful, and I really wanted to thank Steve for doing this.


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