Gscart & Gcomp Switch Pre-Orders

Two stores have just opened pre-orders on a new batch of gcomp and gscart switches, due to ship in March.  They’re not cheap at about $300 each, but this is definitely a “get what you pay for” scenario:  8-in, 2-out, auto switching, safe simultaneous output and a long track record of being solid and reliable switches.  More info and alternatives below the links:

Gcomp Rondo:
Gcomp SaG:
Gscart Rondo:
Gscart SaG:

If you’re on a budget, you can get a cheap 3-in, 1-out component switch for about $25.  They’re not very durable and you loose a ton of features…but they’re great to start out and don’t add any interference.

Cheaper SCART switches are harder to find.  The Gamescare 8×2 is $100 cheaper, but lacks any of the sync regeneration.  The RGC one is 6-in, 1-out and only about $70, but it’s designed for the RetroTINK 5x.  It’s still totally compatible with other solutions, but you’ll need to make sure your output solution is compatible – More info in the main post:

There’s other solutions listed on the SCART Switch page that might fit your setup better, but at the moment, the ones listed here are my favorites:

UPDATE 12/12:  I didn’t realize both Stone Age Gamer and Rondo were opening pre-orders.  I just added the new links above.

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