GrafxGear NES Controller Overlays Reviewed

Russ Lyman just reviewed GrafxGear’s NES controller overlays.  These are the perfect replacements if your original Nintendo controller sticker is damaged or worn!  They should also fit any 3rd party controllers that are manufactured similar to the original and pricing starts at just $7.  Check out the video above and some more thoughts below:

Order Your NES Inlays Here:

I’ve personally seen and installed a bunch of GrafxGear’s controller inlays and was always really impressed with the quality.  While I never got around to making a post about them until now, I did get them in the hands of quite a few modders in the scene, who all praised them as well.  I was thrilled to hear Russ got a few to check out, as he’s the perfect person to review them:  Russ has been customizing controllers and consoles for years and has a lot of experience with things like this.  To get Russ’ approval on top of people like Roarke’s and others should be all the reassurance you need that these are quality.

Also, I love how Russ uses the exact same methods for cleaning controllers and consoles as I do!  He’s been doing this about as long as I have, so I don’t think he got the idea from my original video…I think this is just two nerds coming to the same conclusion about the best way they found to do it.  Awesome 🙂

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