Genesis Hardware Tips & Tricks

I wanted to change things up for a bit and do a more beginner-friendly video!  This one focuses on some basic Sega Genesis hardware tips that require no modding at all, as well as RGB cable recommendations.  The video is below and here’s links to everything discussed:

Genesis 1 “patch cable”:
Genesis 2 fully-shielded RGB SCART Cable:
32x Standard Patch Cable (in case yours didn’t come with one):
High-quality 3rd party Power Supply:
Links to PSU Pigtail Adapters (scroll down):

For more information, please see the Genesis and 32x sections of the site.  If you’re new to RGB, check out the walkthrough that should start you on your way to getting the best out of your consoles!!!

…oh and there’s a small bonus for people curious how RGB bypass mods look!  Starting at 4:45 in the video, you can see a Genesis 1 with the subcarrier pin lifted on the left and on the right is a Genesis 3 with the Triple Bypass installed.  If you pause it, you can compare the Sega logo screens and Sonic title screens.


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