GCVideo v3.0 Firmware Released

UPDATE:  v3.0a is now available to fix a bug.  The link below was updated to the new release.

Ingo Korb aka Unseen has just released firmware version 3.0 for GCVideo-based devices.  This release aimed to fix the remaining video issues, as well as improve compatibility.

One other impressive addition is the groundwork for future firmware updates to be performed through the system, not requiring external programming hardware!  That means that if all works as planned, after updating to v3.0, future updates will be easy!  While some devices like the Carby are easier to flash than others, it’s still much more work then an update that’s system-based.

It’s my personal opinion that if you’re someone who can see the remaining video issues, or is having compatibility issues, then give this firmware a try right away.

Here’s the main GCVideo release page and a full list of changes are below:

GCVideo-DVI v3.0:

  • attempted to improve signal compatibility
  • non-standard mode detection
  • automatic processing bypass for non-standard modes
  • automatic image centering, with optional image shift
  • more flexible scanline strength including hybrid
  • scanline profiles
  • infrastructure for installing future firmware updates via console
  • faster startup time
  • analog component output signal range workaround
  • YCbCr 4:4:4 and 4:2:2 output options
  • advanced options menu for disabling parts of the image processing
  • less strict gamepad snooper timing to fix GC+ compatibility
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