GCLoader’s Back On Pre-Order This Thursday (again)

Update:  Pre-order batch #2 will go live this Thursday, February 20th.  All other info in the post below remains accurate:

Dan aka Citrus3000psi has just announced that he’ll be re-opening GCDual pre-orders this Thursday at 10AM EST on both his store and now an EU seller as well:

Dan’s (US-Based) Store:
EU-Based Pre-orders:

If this pre-order batch sells out, there will be more in the future, just one at a time.  I think the effort Dan’s put into getting these (and his other) products out to people has been top-notch and even if you miss out on this one, they’ll eventually be enough for everyone.

Also, Dan confirmed that this pre-order will include the new plug & play connector, meaning installation requires absolutely no soldering at all!  more info here:

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