Rany Battikh

GC Loader Firmware Update v1.0.1

The team behind the GCLOADER (Daniel Kraak and Dan Kunz), just released a small firmware update that doesn’t add any new functionalities to the ODE but instead addresses some stability issues.

The first version of the GCLOADER, that launched in late 2019 and required the user to solder in a flex cable, has been later on replaced with a completely solder-free plug-and-play board that plugs right into the console’s motherboard. Some of the recently (early June 2020) shipped PnP units come preloaded with the latest firmware. All other GCLOADER adopters should update to version 1.0.1 to benefit from the boot speed boost (although booting time is already very fast) and the stability fixes.

Here are the notes from the project’s newest changelog:

  • Fixed some stability issues.
  • Decreased FPGA boot time.

The process of updating the GCLOADER is extremely easy. Just download the .dol update file here, copy it to the root of your SD card, turn on the console, run the “GCLoader_Updater_1.0.1.dol”, follow the instructions on screen (a couple of button presses), power cycle the Gamecube and you’re done.

GCLOADER‘s github page: https://bit.ly/2zggcsJ

Order the GCLOADER here:


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