Gamebox Systems DMG & GBC HDMI Kits

Tito from Macho Nacho Productions recently released a video that showcases both the latest products and team behind Gamebox Systems.  Shown in this video are full consolization kits for the original DMG Game Boy, as well as the Game Boy Color.  Using these kits means loosing handheld functionality, however you can use a SNES controller and output HDMI!  Check out the video for all the info you’ll need.

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I gotta say, I love the “mini interviews” that Tito’s thrown into some recent videos, like this and the NDS Composite out video.  It’s always been really important to me that the people behind these awesome creations are celebrated and I’m happy to see other people showcase the creators as well!

While I haven’t used these kits, I had the pleasure of testing Gamebox System’s original DMG kit with VGA output and thought it was a good experience overall, with only one “complaint”:  The VGA output.  Now, if you’re planning on using a VGA CRT monitor, there’s zero complaints and the output looked great…but gaming on a flat panel had it’s issues.  Even if you used an LCD monitor with VGA inputs, you’re still sending it an 800×600 signal.  As a result, pretty much any monitor you connect it to will need to scale the image, which has varying results.  Also, if you’re connecting to a flat-panel TV, you have scaling and filtering issues;  Not a problem if you’re using something like an OSSC, but a cheap VGA-to-HDMI ADC isn’t going to look as good…

…but none of that is a problem anymore, with these kits’ HDMI output.  You can choose between 480p and 720p output, which means CRT VGA monitor users can still enjoy the kit using a cheap DAC.  Flat-panel users will definitely want to use the 720p modes and streamers can choose whichever is best for their setup!

While I’m a fan of these products, it’s important to mention that some people might prefer getting a GBA HDMI solution and have the ability to use carts from all three handheld consoles on one device.  You can pick up a GBA Consolizer, use a GameCube and the Game Boy Interface software, or even check out Gamebox’s GBADVI project.  And, of course, if you’re not looking to use original carts at all, the MiSTer project is also excellent.

But that’s the best part about being a retro gamer these days – Unlike when I started RetroRGB, you’re not limited to picking the “least worst” solution for handhelds on TV…now you have many excellent options to choose from!

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