Game Boy 240p Test Suite adds MDFourier Analysis

The 240p Test Suite team have just posted new versions of the software for NES, Game Boy and Game Boy Advance.  While there’s a few enhancements and bugfixes, the highlight of this release is MDFourier audio testing for the Game Boy.  This will allow both software and hardware emulation teams to tweak their cores to generate sound in a way that’s near identical to original hardware!  While this is by no means an “easy” thing to do, having software like MDFourier available does make the process much easier!

You can download all three versions here and the full list of changes are below:

Full list of changes:

  • NES: Add Safe areas pattern
  • SMPTE bars (NES): Move I and Q to correct hues ($0C and $03)
  • Color bars (GB, GBA): A to toggle NTSC 7.5% setup
  • Color bleed: Rearrange to 10 rectangles
  • GB: Add MDFourier audio test
  • MDFourier (NES): Run automatically if Start+A held during Reset
  • Help (NES): Improve antialiasing of Gus’s outline
  • Add a back story for Gus
  • NES: Begin work on printable manual
  • Document deliberately replaced assets

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