FirebrandX’s SSDS3 Audio Bypass Board Pre-Order


UPDATE:  Sold out, but back in stock soon!

FirebrandX has just posted a pre-order page for his SSDS3 audio bypass.  This board is a relatively easy installation and removes all of the audio noise that’s a result of the SSDS3’s design flaws.  Pre-order information as well as installation instructions can be found on FBX’s website:

The SSDS3 is a device that attaches to the back of a TG-16 or PCE and acts as a ROM cart, Optical Drive Emulator and RGB output solution.  It’s now on revision 3 and while it has the potential to be the perfect device for any PCE owner, both an audio and video bypass board needs to be installed in order to get a high quality signal from the device.  If you don’t have the ability to install these mods yourself, this will add over $100 to the already high cost of the device.  Unfortunately, TerraOnion, the company that manufactures the device refuses to fix the flaws, even though the information has already been provided to them for free by fans of the device, citing “quality can’t be measured” as their reason for not fixing.

Please remember that if you’re interested in purchasing an SSDS3, it’s much safer to buy it from a trusted reseller such as Stone Age Gamer, rather than from TerraOnion directly, as their history of theft, harassment and exposing customer information (seriously!) makes them the number one company in the retro-gaming scene to stay away from.  

This is a device I want to love, but the high price and company’s consistent disrespect towards their customers make it a solid no for me.

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